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Our goal of teaching the obligatory knowledge of Islam to people all over the world cannot be achieved by ourselves. The backbone to our success has always been and will continue to be our huge online community who have always been there with us from the start. Thank you.

Faatih Institute is an Islamic organization which aims to spread the Obligatory Knowledge of Islam, through seminars, conferences, and online videos. Most importantly, Faatih Institute, being based in North America, strives to guide Muslims towards becoming pious individuals in a setting far off from the spiritual base of Islam, while also admonishing them to be active and productive members of their societies.

The obligatory knowledge of Islam is the base for anyone seeking to build their identity as a Muslim to start learning and applying. This knowledge is based solely on the sacred teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and gives Muslims an understanding of how to live their lives in accordance with the rules of Islam. It gives one the knowledge on how to fulfill one’s obligations and refrain from the sins.

“Back to the basics for the acceptance of the Most Gracious” is the motto

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said,

“Seeking the (obligatory) knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim.”

– Related by Imam Al-Bayhaqiyy

If you donate to Faatih Institute with the sincere intention, you will earn Sadaqa- Jaariyah (an on-going reward), which will benefit you in the grave because of your help in providing a Muslim with Islamic knowledge. In turn, when that knowledge is passed on, you will also benefit from it and your reward will not decrease. Surely, on the Day of Judgment, the scale of your good deeds and its weight will astonish you if in this life, you choose to take on the cause that Faatih Institute pushes for.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“When a person’s life comes to an end, his/her good deeds will also come to an end except for three types of deeds:

1)Sadaqah Jaariyah (on-going charity);

2) Knowledge which is beneficial,

3) A virtuous descendant who prays for him

– Related by Imam Muslim

Faatih Institute has identified a widespread phenomenon of individuals either ignoring the acts of worship, completing them without any thought as to why and what benefit, or eagerly taking them on but incorrectly. All three examples show the need that Faatih Institute seeks to fulfil in the Muslim community, namely re-introducing Muslims to the basis and beauty of Islam, which is found in the Obligatory Knowledge.

The Obligatory Knowledge includes matters such as spousal rights in marriage, how to pray, fast, buy, sell and more. It also teaches one about the sins of the heart, and other body parts such as the tongue, abdomen and so on. It also includes the chapter of apostasy, which is crucial for everyone to learn.

Unfortunately, many Muslims are not able to study the Obligatory Knowledge in the West as it is not easily accessible. Without this knowledge, a Muslim lacks a foundation to help them ensure they are living life according to the rules of Islam. This is why we focus on teaching and spreading this vital, fundamental knowledge of the Religion.

Your donations will go towards the expenses of organizing events, which include the cost of flyers, graphic design, venues and the like. It will also go towards funding the equipment and personnel used to produce Faatih Institute’s educational videos and other dawah initiatives. Essentially, what you donate digs deeper into the well in which the pure water of Islam is held. The deeper the well, the more the teachings of Islam will be spread, and a higher number of individuals will have their thirst for knowledge quenched.

Each community is made up of individuals bringing together individual skill sets to form a united and multi-faceted group, able to shield itself from dangers and support itself towards the good. In this case, Faatih Institute is endowed with knowledgeable teachers, committed learners, and is seeking to bring into fruition the cause of Islam through your generous financial support.  

Our Faatih team invites you to share in this special opportunity to gain a lot of reward. It is a blessing from Allah to be able to give charity, especially to a cause which aims at teaching the Muslims, as this will be an on-going charity. Indeed, what a great blessing it is to take part in educating the Ummah about our Deen!

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