Our Mission

To provide authentic knowledge Islamic knowledge to Muslims and non-Muslims and combat the evils of ignorance that have engulfed Muslim nations all over the world. We all have a responsibility to correct the misconceptions, and here at Faatih this is what we strive to do. We use the newest technology to provide Islamic courses and online content that will help spread the true message of Islam.

Our Passion

Our sole motivation is the acceptance of our Lord. We strive to use our time and resources in obedience to Him. We ask Allah to make us benefit from these deeds and to benefit others by our hard work and sincerity in shaa’ Allaah

What does Faatih mean?

The best institutions’ names are often reflective of their core values and missions. As we aim to be among the greatest ourselves, the Faatih organization strives to live up to the expectations of its name, by being recognized by the utmost level of great ideals, beliefs and objectives. Our label is in honour of the respected and noble Muhammad al-Faatih, a great Muslim leader who conquered Constantinople, (present day Istanbul) at a very young age. He is a symbol of motivation, persistence and aspiration. Just as his determination allowed him to open various lands, during an era when darkness prevailed –we at Faatih Institute intend to open the realm of proper meanings of the Quran to the public.

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